Arsehole of the week


Congratulations to Emma Elwin. Awarded for the use of the word ‘enrichment’ and ‘immersion’.

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Hoo Glossary – For the confused

Immersion  – Oh fuck, lessons are so poor we need students to do a load of catch up work.

Enrichment – see above

Narrative – lies that we tell ourselves and others

Inclusion – exclusion, keeping children in isolation for an indefinite period


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A Good school?

HOH’s website claims to be a ‘good school’ that ‘Aspires, Achieves, Excels’

Is this true??

Well it is the 4th worst school in Medway, and in the bottom 5% of schools in the country.

Is it surprising that teachers at the school ensure that their children go elsewhere?

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Parent View

Would you recommend 100 of Hoo?

79% say no!

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Illegal Exclusions


Headteachers have admitted illegally excluding pupils from school, including one “extreme” case in which children in their final GCSE year were sent home at Christmas and told not to return until their exams.

The government should conduct research to identify the full extent of unlawful exclusions, and recommend measures to prevent a “small proportion” of schools continuing to act in this way, the report says.

David Wolfe, a barrister specialising in education law, told the inquiry that in some cases, academies were attempting to avoid scrutiny of their exclusions by appeal panels, and refusing to hear appeals from parents.

Wolfe said some academies were refusing to comply with official guidance on exclusions. He also claimed some were refusing to admit children with statements.

The report quotes Wolfe as saying that this is the case with a substantial number of schools and is “symptomatic of a pattern of behaviour, rather than being limited to a few bad apples”.

Maggie Atkinson, the children’s commissioner for England, said: “For the first time schools are on record saying they had illegally excluded pupils. Due to the informal nature of such exclusions it is difficult to know how widespread this practice is but it is worth further examination.

“Our report recognises that exclusion may in rare cases be a necessary last resort. It should happen only if a child is a danger to his or herself or others, or when learning is so disrupted that only exclusion is possible. But all exclusions must be within the law.”

The post of children’s commissioner was established as an independent champion for young people in England under the Children’s Act 2004, the legislation brought in after the Victoria Climbié inquiry.

This, of course, never occurs at Hoo.

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SLT where art thou?

Kevin Mahon –  sacked  resigned

Lesley Nixon – sacked working else where

Matthew Tate – sacked working else where

What is going on?

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Message for ICTSupport

Comment from ICT support ” :-). Getting close”

My Reply: Thanks for the encouragement. A little picture for you..

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